Addressing the Many Faces of Trauma

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Medical research is key to bringing TRE into the medical mainstream.  The Berceli Foundation believes that research to scientifically validate the effectiveness of TRE with protocols that test the efficacy, safety, dosage, synergistic effects, markers, and effects on relapse tendencies over time are essential to achieve its mission and vision.

The Berceli Foundation wants to ensure that TRE is accessible to individuals and communities who would not otherwise be able to afford this treatment, including underserved populations and those who are the victims of natural or man-made disasters.

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David Berceli and DoD

The Berceli Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, EIN 800468273, DUNS 962480450

Our Vision

The David Berceli Trauma Release Foundation (Berceli Foundation) seeks to restore the human spirit of our nation and our world, by empowering individuals with a universal and affordable healing method called TRE - Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises.  These six simple exercises predictably activate a neuromuscular mechanism within our bodies that releases deeply held chronic tension produced by traumatic events.  Those who seek healing through this self-help modality attain a technique that empowers them to reduce their own stress, anger and anxiety as needed. 


TRE and the Neuromuscular Release Process

Founder Dr. David Berceli explains the technique, history, and current global applications of TRE on Carte Blanche Medical, South Africa newscast.

TRE Aligns With the World Health Organization's Vision
"Attainment by all of the highest possible level of health" and the CSDH’s mission of health equity through action on the social determinants of health.

Mind-Body Skills for Regulating the Autonomic Nervous System

The Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury have written the following article about Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises and the Berceli Foundation.

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